3rd Gen Turbo Family

This is a special part of my website that's dedicated to those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty; turbo'd their 3G. In all of the setup pictorals your about to see, I'd like you to take note of something. None of these kits are even close to looking alike. If you own a turbo 3G and would like me to add it to my site, then please email me!

First I'm going to feature Vince's 90Si Turbo. This is the guy that started it all in the world of 3G Turbo Performance. The Prelude you are about to see here was turbocharged back in 1994 with a kit produced by DRAG. Unfortunately, DRAG decided that the job required too much work, and the dream of having a commercially mass produced turbo kit was out of the question. As you'll see, some of the pictorals will reflect on DRAG's poor worksmanship.
More about Vince's beloved 3G!

In the new and exciting world of 3G Performance, this car should be known to every Prelude enthusist. If you didn't already know, this is Tom Coleman's 88Si Turbo. Seems how no one would fabricate a turbo kit, Tom took the initiative, and now produces his own custom turbo kits which are available to all. This car marks a milestone in the Prelude community.
More on Tom's kit/car. - coming soon!

What would the world be with out friends? As with all enthusists, you tend to hang around others that have the same tastes for performance as you do. I met Michael online one day while doing a search through hp.com on 3G setups. To my suprise, this car had a LONG list of mods, and was very CLEAN! Michael was one of the first to buy a T25 Turbo "near kit" from Tom. Take a look at this wonderful marvel of tubes and colors.
More about Michael's T25 3G!

As it turns out, I'm a member of this turbo family as well. My car was purchased, already turbocharged, from my good friend Keith Maddox. Keith actually purchased the first LudeSPEED T3 kit Tom ever made back in Dec. of 1999, and installed the kit Valentines Day of 2000. After nearly 3 years, the manifold started to give out which happened to be a few weeks after I purchsed the car in Septemeber of 2002. After much work, I had a new manifold made, and I'm currently back in business with the Turbocharged application once again.
My T3 1989Si4ws Prelude!

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